Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Wrecked Doesn’t Mean Undriveable

Sometimes salvaging a wrecked car is worth it, and with technology today, the means to do so is becoming easier and easier. But then there are times when we just have to scratch our heads at the choice to not only salvage a wrecked vehicle, but continue to use it in its crunched state. You’ve undoubtedly seen such cars on the road, all battered up and still being driven, but the Corvette in this YouTube video takes it to a whole different level. Check it out above.

C4 Corvettes are not rare, even in convertible form. In fact, just North of 74,000 C4 convertibles were produced between 1986 and 1996 – this is not a collectable vehicle.

But that didn’t stop the owners of the Corvette in the video above from saving their American sports car, nor did it stop them from cruising it around Midtown Sacramento, California with the front end completely smashed in and the hood bent all out of whack.

Now, the Corvette could very well be on its way to the body shop or even a mechanic, but what’s astonishing is that the car is still running and streetable. With the hood bent up to a point, front bumper smashed in and lights pointing awkwardly the opposite direction from factory position, we can only imagine how compromised the engine bay and frame might be.

Cruising the car in its current state may not be our first choice, but then again, we understand the undying love for a vehicle and the unwillingness to give up on it even after a run-in with another party. Would you ever drive your car around if it had as much damage as this poor Corvette?

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