In the business of reporting automotive news, we see some pretty crazy things go down when it comes to car crashes, and the latest Corvette crash we came across on CorvetteBlogger is no different. No, this one didn’t have to do with two guys acting like turkeys, but it does have us scratching our heads as to what went on at a Ferrari dealership to cause a woman to crash right out front when leaving the parking lot.

On Saturday night, police say a woman leaving a Ferrari dealership in Norwood, Massachusetts lost control of her C6 Corvette before hitting two cars, flipping and hitting a light pole. When emergency help arrived on scene, the Corvette was on its roof with parts strewn across the road.

According to a witness of the crash, the woman races cars for a living. After going to a Chevrolet dealership and apparently not being satisfied with what they had to offer her in the way of a “faster car,” the woman drove across the street to the Ferrari dealership to test drive one of their cars.

When the woman left the Ferrari dealership, she was seemingly in a rush, peeling out of the dealership’s driveway. That’s when the woman lost control, according to Norwood police.

Because of the severity of the accident, the woman was airlifted to Boston Medical Center with undisclosed injuries. Another person involved in the accident was also taken to a nearby hospital. The crash is still under investigation by the Norwood Police Department.