At least the guitar was undamaged... Photo: Yorktown Patch

It is hard to imagine what a C6 Corvette and a turtle could possibly have in common, but there are certainly a couple of things that come to mind. First off, turtles and Corvettes do not handle cold weather, but more importantly once each of these land on their lid, they are essentially screwed. According to the Yorktown (New York) Patch a driver lost control of his Corvette during less than ideal driving conditions and ended up running off the road. When the automotive gymnastics routine concluded the blue C6 came to rest on its roof, but the driver suffered no injuries.

Fortunately the young man behind the wheel of the Vette was uninjured and even managed to save his guitar from the wreckage. George Keesler, Deputy Chief of the Mohegan Fire Department and the state police credit the lack of injuries to the driver wearing a seatbelt. Both authorities recommended that drivers should slow down in the rain because of the potential to hydroplane. Corvettes do have some of the finest suspension, handling and braking of domestic cars on the market, but let the plight of this Corvette serve as a reminder to take it easy in the rain or just leave the Corvette in the garage. Otherwise, you risk disaster and your car becoming the donor for a future LS swap for someone.