Corvettes and big rigs are never a good combination, but a South Florida man is lucky to be alive after a run in with a big rig. Corvette Blogger covered the terrifying hit and run collision that destroyed a red C5 and left the driver shaken. Joe Amunategui was driving east on State Road 826 around 2 AM on February 6, 2012 when his C5 was clipped by a big rig, sending the car into a spin. During the violent encounter Amunategui’s C5 spun, collided with a wall and was run over by the big rig before coming to rest. After the near-NASCAR-style crash, Amunategui was shaken but not seriously injured; in fact Amunategui was able to speak to a reporter covering the hit and run crash.

“He came up real close and as he was swerving to go around me; he clipped the back of my Corvette and spun me into the wall,” Amunategui said. Looking at the damage to the C5 it is hard to imagine that Amunategui did not sustain serious injuries, but it appears that Corvette is a total loss. Despite being able to see that the intake manifold appears to be in one piece, it is probably safe to assume that after having a big rig run over the front end there are few if any salvage parts left on the C5. An off-duty North Miami Beach police officer witnessed the accident and was the first person to call for help. Sadly for Amunategui the driver of the big rig did not stop, but authorities are still investigating the hit and run accident.