It is hard to forget the temptation of taking a family member’s performance car out for a little cruise before one has their license, but those with a conscience typically resist the urge. Corvette Blogger ran across an unfortunate incident where a 16-year-old boy decided to take his mother’s ’96 C4 Corvette out for a little spin, and of course things went horribly wrong.

Taking the keys, the teen decided to test the limits of the C4’s performance on Huntington County Road 200 North in Andrews, Indiana. While following a friend, the teen C4 driver decided to channel his inner knucklehead as he attempted to pass his buddy on the wrong the side of the road; during the attempted pass the young driver lost control of the Corvette and crashed as he swerved to avoid hitting an oncoming car.

Needless to say, the teenager’s mother was not excited to hear that her son had totaled her Corvette, but at least he was still alive. To make matters worse, this brilliant teenager did not have a driver’s license or insurance, so things are likely to be a little dicey at home for the next few weeks. Despite totaling the C4, the driver sustained only minor injuries that did require treatment at a local hospital, but he was later released. It is hard to imagine what the punishment that his mother will determine is fitting for the destruction of her prized Corvette, but it is safe to say that the Corvette Online faithful could come up a few excellent suggestions.