By now you’ve seen plenty of evidence that hooning Corvettes isn’t only enjoyed by Americans. But regardless of the locale of the hooning, the possibility of losing control and damaging one’s car is imminent, as proven by this video we found on CorvetteBlogger. Unfortunately, the Corvette in this video wasn’t even the one drifting around at the time of the crash, but seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I guess that’s what happens when you park along side a circle of people watching two seemingly inexperienced drifters show off.

The black C6 Corvette appears to be at some sort of automotive gathering, drifting around and doing donuts for a decent sized group of people. Aside from a few close calls with donuts done just feet away from the un-restrained crowd, the Corvette and its driver seem to be in good condition to be showing off.

But as it turns out, it wasn’t the Corvette that anyone had to worry about. Rather, it was the unidentified maroon sedan that enters the exhibition half way through.

Drifting around with another unidentified sedan, the driver of the maroon car ends up making too wide of a turn as he flips a u-turn in the middle of the exhibition circle, causing him to crash directly into the front driver-side quarter panel of the Corvette.

While we all saw the crash coming, the driver of the maroon car doesn’t even appear to hit the brakes or try to swerve to avoid the C6 before the crash. In the videos below, you can see the drifting and subsequent crash from two other angles, neither of which catch the illumination of brake lights or any kind of last-minute defensive driving maneuver. Even the camera man hanging out the maroon car’s passenger window maintains his post as the crash occurs.

Hooning is fun, but the C6 driver in this case learned the hard way what its consequences can be. Some of the damage to the Corvette can be seen in the video below, although it’s terrible footage. Chances are that it’s not just a blemish that’ll buff out.