It’s not that Corvette Online approves of or enjoys the excessive number of unfortunate incidents that befall Corvette owners, but we feel it is our duty to report these incidents as a public service. Unfortunately, this week a smoking hot photo shoot with a C6 Z06 Corvette went down in flames, in a very literal sense. After scouting a prime location in an industrial area of Baarn in the Netherlands and locating a beautiful and once-flawless black Z06, this seemed like a perfect setup to capture the alluring beauty of the Corvette against the stark backdrop. However, things went awry when the car’s owner went to start the Z06 and found that the battery no longer had enough juice to fire it up…

Like most people with a dead or very low battery, the owner attempted a jump start using a set of cables and another vehicle. According to the video description, once the owner attempted to start the Corvette, a large boom was heard and the Corvette caught fire. Since it was the scene of a photo shoot, the photographer manned his camera as the videographer captured the action. Shortly after the fire started, a local fire company arrived to extinguish the flames before the Z06 became a complete loss.

Once the fire was out the videographer captured the damage; the end result showed a melted intake, hood and the trim above the firewall, but it’s hard to know the true extent of the damage. A recent update to the video description informed viewers that the insurance adjuster checked out the C6 and reimbursed the owner for the damages – not a happy ending per se, but better than a total loss

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~ Albert Einstein