The Mediterranean Sea is considered by many to be the cradle of Western Civilization. From the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans to the great European powers that have risen in their place, the Mediterranean has hosted great empires, terrible wars, and some of the best driving roads in the entire world.

Alas, the constant switchbacks and narrow coastal roads can lead to some nasty accidents. The Times of Malta reports that a 61-year old Corvette driver crashed into a minivan full of tourists, sending eight people to the hospital. Naturally, the Corvette driver walked away with hardly a scratch.

Looking at the above picture of the wrecked Corvette, it is hard to imagine how anybody survived that mess, nevermind walking away without a scratch. The entire passenger’s side of the car was torn away, and one can only imagine that this accident would have been fatal had the Corvette driver had a passenger.

Rather, he was alone when the accident occurred. Seeing as how it’s an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea about as geographically and logistically separated from Bowling Green as it’s possible to be and still drive on paved roads, getting a Corvette to Malta was probably no small feat. Getting it fixed? Well, good luck with that one. It might be time for a new Corvette. But a car can be replaced, even on an island like Malta.

Replacing people? That’s not so easy. Several riders in the minivan were taken to the hospital, but from the sounds of it they’ll all survive what might be their first encounter with a Corvette as well.