Wrecked Vette Wednesday: That’s NOT Going to Polish Out

Sometimes, bad stuff happens to nice cars. Actually, it happens all the time. Wheels get scuffed, doors get dinged and attempts by two vehicles to occupy the same space at the same time never seem to go well. When insurance companies write off the result of more significant incidents, the cars go to salvage yards for sale or disposal.

This can be a good thing if you’re looking for some replacement parts on a budget, or even a new project car that isn’t destined for Ridler Award competition. If your skills are up to it, there are certainly good deals to be found, but we’re dismayed by a few that we came across.

This 1974 Corvette has surely seen better days. Actually, we’re relying on the salvage listing to confirm the year, but if you offered enough cash for this skeleton, it would come – if you can believe it – with a Pennsylvania Certificate of Salvage. However, it looks as though the current bidding may not exceed the $325 reserve bid placed on this pile by the auction house.

West Coast enthusiasts might be able to recover the taillights and an emblem from this 2006 convertible. There might be a couple more goodies tucked inside to justify the $325 minimum bid on this C6. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend having an independent inspection done, though.

Well, classic Corvettes always seem to draw higher prices at auction, so this 1962 model is listed as having a minimum bid of $925. Apparently, the state of Illinois will issue a Salvage Certificate, so if you believe in the myth of the Phoenix, this may be the project car you’ve been waiting for. Be sure to take photos and keep us up to date.

Now, if you’re interested to see what might be languishing in your area, there is a central web site for salvage vehicles that you could lose many hours cruising through. Check it out here.

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