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Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Tag Your Friends Who Can’t Drive

Our pals at the COMP Performance Group have a simple request for you – go to their Facebook page and tag your friends who can’t drive in this photo. Of course, pictures like this always make us wonder what chain of bad decisions led to this moment in time, forever preserved and shared thanks to the magic of the internet. Why do you get a Corvette close to a boat ramp in the first place? Was there alcohol involved? Why don’t you stop when you hear the initial splash? Was the car salvageable?

Just because they’re named for a class of small, fast warships doesn’t mean you should turn a Corvette into a makeshift attack submarine, but we do at least respect the fact that somebody had the good judgment to tie it off to the dock. We may never know what really happened here, but we’re looking forward to reading your tales of automotive woe…

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