In this edition of “Wrecked Vette Wednesday” we get a front row seat to a Vette bonfire as a late model Corvette parked directly under an apartment building along Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles blazes out of control. The video is NSFW due to language, but you’ll want to listen closely because the dialog is pretty entertaining.

The video was shot by two skateboarders, who say in the video caption that they were rolling down Venice Blvd when they came across the engulfed Corvette. Since there was no one else around, they did the right thing and immediately called the fire department. The ‘boarders have the presence of mind to take a few steps back away from the blazing car, and at the 1:42 mark their caution proves to have been well advised as a minor explosion pops off.

In a report we found on Mar Vista Patch, we learned that the Los Angeles fire department dispatched over 35 fire fighters to put out the blaze at 4:10 PM, and closed Venice Boulevard from Centinela Avenue to Beethoven Street while the battled the blaze for about 15 minutes. The LA Fire Department reports that there were no injuries, and there was no structural damage to the apartment building.

…Too bad the same can’t be said for the Corvette. You can’t help but wonder what in the world went down here: Electrical fire? Jilted lover taking revenge? Was it a random act of arson? Why in the world is that creepy delivery truck blocking the Corvette in the drive way?