Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Silly Corvette, Leap Frog Is For Kids!

There are just some things you don’t see very often in life, like pots of gold at the end of  rainbows, your own personal million dollar lottery winnings, or cars attempting to play a game of leap frog. But one thing’s for certain; if you ever see one of these things, you’re bound to take notice.

While we wish we could report our own favorable lottery luck or that pots of gold really do exist at the end of rainbows, it’s the last oddity that has occurred. As it turns out, cars aren’t meant to play leap frog and tend to fail miserably, at least when the game involves a Corvette and a Chevrolet pickup truck, as we found out from CorvetteBlogger.

Saturday afternoon in northern Indiana proved to be rather interesting. What started out as a seemingly innocent attempt to pass cars on Noble County State Road 9 by 54-year-old C5 owner Teddy Martin ended with his car crammed under a pickup truck in a cornfield.

Unfortunately, when Martin went to pass cars along State Road 9, 16-year-old Quinn Groff was attempting to turn left onto County Road 850N in his truck, presenting a “wrong place at the wrong time” situation. Martin’s Corvette collided with the truck, lodging itself under the vehicle and spinning into a field.

The accident started a fire but all parties involved made it out of their vehicles before authorities arrived. Looking at the pictures, it’s a wonder that Martin survived the accident with the single-cab pickup truck resting completely on top of his car.

Martin was taken to a local hospital in critical condition while Groff and his passengers walked away uninjured. Police have yet to release any more details on the accident or a notification of fault, although it’s safe to say both drivers are paying the price of someone’s bad move by losing their modes of transportation.

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