Getting involved in a minor traffic accident with a classic Corvette is always a painful, emotional experience, but when the crash takes a turn for the worse the ‘Vette almost always suffers. William Hukill was driving his classic 1974 Corvette on the I-5 in northern California on June 21st, 2011 when he sideswiped another vehicle. According to Mt Shasta News, Hukill lost control of the vehicle after sideswiping the ’06 Saturn driven by Tami Jo Askre. Askre, 62 of Ashland, CA, maintained control of her vehicle while the Corvette of Hukill went off the road and crashed into a tree. Authorities reported that drugs and/or alcohol were not involved in the accident.

Hukill was able to walk away from the wreck, but Corvette ended up uprooting a tree that was 16 inches in diameter. After exiting the wrecked ‘Vette, Hukill was in store for a further shock as the ’74 caught fire. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene and firefighters were able to extinguish a minor fire that had started in the surrounding vegetation, but they were unable to save the Corvette. Hukill’s classic Corvette burned to frame and from the picture on the Mt Shasta News website, it is safe to assume this one is totaled.

Both drivers were okay, although Hukill reported some pain and was transported to a local hospital, but the ‘Vette was transported to the local wrecking yard. RIP, sweet C3 – you will be missed.