Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Senior Crashes C5 Through Barbershop

While it is unfortunate when any car crashes through a building, it is especially unfortunate when it’s a sports car like the Corvette. Lately we have found our fair share of Corvettes getting into scrapes. Fortunately for the man driving in the latest building run-in, no one was hurt in this early July crash. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the Corvette.

The C5 Corvette, driven by 78-year-old James McCartney, crashed through the front of the Charlestown Hair Center in Indiana on Wednesday July 6th. Unlike many crashes we’ve seen lately, this one occurred in the middle of the day when the barbershop was full of employees and customers. Thankfully, the people inside the shop saw the Corvette heading their way before it hit the building and were able to get out of the way in time.

McCartney was taken to the hospital once police arrived at the scene. Charlestown police believe that McCartney lost control of his car due to a medical emergency, causing the car to careen into the building. While the condition of the Corvette was not disclosed in the article by NewsandTribune.com, judging by the pictures of how much damage was done to the barber shop, we think we’re safe to conclude there was at least some damage done to the car.

The owner of the barbershop, Jack Minns, told NewsandTribune.com that he plans to rebuild his business even though there was extensive damage. While he hopes to have the shop reopened by this month, he expressed his concern for the six employees that wouldn’t have a job for a while due to the accident. We wish Minns and his employees the best and that they get the shop up and running soon, and hope that McCartney was able to salvage his Corvette.

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