Wrecked Vette Wednesday: See You on the Flip Side

When towing a Corvette becomes a necessity, most owners opt for a flatbed as the best way to prevent further damage to their prized Chevy. Sure, a careful tow truck driver with a modern wheel lift setup can get the job done without too much drama, and there’s always the possibility that even a flatbed tow can end badly (especially if you do a burnout on the back of the truck!) But in general, Y-body owners are more paranoid about the potential horrors of a tow than the average car owner.


Which brings us to today’s video. We have little detail about the circumstances that necessitated this recovery operation or the fate of the car’s occupants, but “yellow C6 convertible upside down” is usually the hallmark of a rental gone horribly wrong. We don’t believe it’s a ZHZ though, based on the wheels and the fact that the video title calls it a 2006, but with the level of damage it’s hard to tell much more than that from what we see.

flip2It’s also hard to tell how anything short of a simultaneous high speed failure of mechanical components, good judgement, and driving ability could lead to such a catastrophic rollover on what looks like an arrow-straight residential boulevard, but as long as companies keep building new cars, idiots will find innovative ways to destroy them.

In the end, we’re left with more questions than answers, and the echoing sound of composite body panels dragged across asphalt. Our sincere hope is that whoever was involved survived to learn a lesson about what happens when you take a Corvette beyond the limit.

UPDATE: Corvette Online Facebook fan Don Rhoads provided this photo of the immediate aftermath:


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