It is hard to look at the destruction left behind after an incident at a “Cars and Coffee” meet in Dallas, Texas. According to forum posts on, a female driver suffered a seizure while behind the wheel of the maroon 5th generation Camaro. Scattered information is surfacing about the incident, but the middle-aged female driver reportedly had a seizure, which resulted in her having the throttle pinned wide open when the Camaro collided with two Corvettes. Both the Corvettes sustained significant damage, but fortunately no one was seriously injured during the crash. Typically, the majority of incidents or accidents at these kinds of get-togethers are the result of a loose nut behind the wheel or the desire to show off for others – in this case it appears that a true medical crisis was to blame.

One forum member, with the screen name RobMorgan, was in attendance when the accident took place.  “A woman had an apparent seizure today at Dallas Cars and Coffee and she pushed down full throttle, ramming the Camaro into a Corvette and pushing it sideways and into a Z06. From the looks of it, the first Vette is probably totaled. The Z06 had minor damage, but the proud owner was pretty shaken up,” he posted. Other media outlets including Jalopnik are covering the recent accident as well, but all reports indicate that no one was seriously injured. During the video documenting the damage an individual is seen on a gurney; according to the videographer that individual is likely to be the female Camaro driver. It appears that the blue C5 took the brunt on the impact, but the yellow C6 Z06 sustained less extensive damage.