Yet another Corvette carbeque took place in the month of August, but the cause of this particular fire has yet to be determined. A white C4 erupted into flames near in Trenton, New Jersey on August 11. According to the Lawrenceville Patch, after receiving several 911 calls about the car fire, both the Trenton Fire Department and volunteer firefighters from the Lawrence Township’s Slackwood Fire Co. were dispatched to battle the molten mess of fiberglass on New York Avenue. The team from Lawrence Township arrived on the scene a mere thirty seconds before the Trenton firefighters, allowing them to quickly get the upper hand on the burning Corvette.

Oddly enough, the Corvette driver was not on the scene when fire crews arrived, leaving the authorities puzzled. Perhaps the car was stolen, abandoned or the driver took on foot in search of help, but in any case it remains a mystery. Another driver spotted the smoldering C4 and tried to extinguish the fire with a small fire extinguisher, but the fire proved to be too intense. After viewing the images of the damage caused by the fire it is unlikely this car will ever make it back on the road. Whether or not it was stolen remains to be seen, but if the C4 was abandoned there are certainly plenty of Corvette enthusiasts who would have given the car a proper home.