Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Removing a C6 Corvette From A Streambed

Although the Chevrolet Corvette is a uniquely American iconic front-engine/rear-drive sports car, that very designation makes it desirable around the world by the well-off. Unfortunately, just as here in the States, money can’t always buy you driving skills or smarts, as this C6 owner found out on a rainy day in Germany. 

It appears that the Velocity Yellow C6 slid off the roadway, across a large expanse of wet grass, and plowed nose-first into a streambed.  The owner was carted off in an ambulance, and since we don’t understand German, we have no idea whether he or she was OK.  Piloting the machine through the trees and realizing that you’ve got a little bit of a problem on your hands couldn’t have been a fun exercise, either. 

In order for the car to even come out of the gully, the trees had to be cut away to allow room for its removal, and the picture doesn’t get much better once the backhoe has done its work. At the very least the car looks like it will need quite a few hours on the frame rack and a number of expensive new body panels to finish off the repair – and that’s if it’s even repairable!

We’re also surprised that the police hadn’t cordoned off the accident zone, allowing gawkers to crowd around the car as it was dragged up the hill. What happens if the tow strap snaps? We’re not sure whether the car can be fixed (nor the owner!) but one thing is for certain; this is one day that he or she won’t soon forget, assuming of course that they remember it at all!

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