Mixing a rear-wheel drive sports car with slick wet roads can mean trouble. A couple weeks ago, an 88-year-old Green Valley, Arizona resident found this out the hard way when he crashed his ‘77 Corvette into a light pole after spinning out on a rain-soaked road. Although shaken up a bit, the driver walked away from the accident unscathed, maintaining his sense of humor. A hat-tip goes out to Keith Cornett from CorvetteBlogger for bringing us the news.

Walt Kuzmak was trying to make a left-hand turn his red Corvette on Friday, February 17th when it fishtailed and he lost control due to wet roads. After hitting the median, the Corvette spun around and jumped a curb into the parking lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food joint. The car finally came to a rest after hitting a light pole in the parking lot, causing the pole to tip over on top of a maintenance van.

Kuzmak, a World War II veteran and recipient of a Purple Heart, was shaken up but uninjured in the incident according to Green Valley News. The Corvette, which has been in Kuzmak’s family for 34 years, received minor front-end damage.

Although the accident was unnerving, Kuzmak maintained his sense of humor by telling Green Valley News, “It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a Corvette. That’ll be about seven-thousand bucks.”

We’re glad no one was injured in the accident and that the Corvette only received minor repairable damage. We hope the car can be fixed up soon and that the noble Air Force veteran will be back on the road in his “little red Corvette” in no time.