Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Proof Drunk Drivers And Corvettes Don’t Mix

Let’s face it; people can be stupid creatures by nature. They will do anything for attention, from jumping out of an airplane to attempting to ride a bicycle on a frozen lake. A lot of it is funny to watch on YouTube, but there’s a fine line that even we will draw when it comes to entertainment and sheer stupidity.

Although a GMC Yukon and a Dodge Caravan got caught in the mix, this old school Monte Carlo caught the brunt of the trauma.

Earlier today, we heard about the tale of an intoxicated woman called, Cheryl Jean Mayo-Jay, who thought it would be a good idea to climb behind the wheel of an LT1-powered C4, and go for a drive. Apparently the car belonged to her boyfriend, who was riding shotgun, and the owner claims he didn’t give her permission to drive the car. 

As you can see where this is going, it didn’t end well. As the Southern Maryland News put it, Mayo-Jay played real-life bumper cars with a group of vehicles that were sitting in the parking lot where she attempted to start her journey.

Obviously, things didn’t go as planned, as she struck a Dodge Caravan, a GMC Yukon, and a ’78-79 Chevy Monte Carlo. The minivan and SUV suffered mostly a few scrapes and bruises, while the Monte may very well be totaled.

As far as Mayo-Jay and her passenger, well they came away completely unscathed, of course, while the Vette will be spending a few weeks in the body shop – after it’s released from impound, presumably. According to reports, this isn’t Mayo-Jay’s first time down this road, but hopefully it will be her last!

Sorry, but if you're stupid enough to let an intoxicated person climb behind the wheel of not just your Vette, but ANY car, then you're a moron. People have to learn the hard way, sometimes.

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