Seeing the mangled wreckage of Corvette is a tearful sight, but knowing that your C5 gave its’ life for you is something all together different. A video documenting one Corvette owner’s goodbye to his 2000 Pewter C5 is touching while giving proof of the engineering and safety features built into the modern Y-body. Seeing Project Y2k’s identical twin smashed to pieces is hard to take, but amazingly the driver survived what was certainly a horrific crash.  With the front end barely resembling a Corvette, the engine and radiator are mashed and twisted into a tangle of broken parts and odd angles. During the filming an onlooker states that the driver was a “lucky sucker” to have survived this incident.

Despite the destruction, the rear of the car looks eerily unscathed by the massive impact sustained by the front. Amazingly, the passenger side glass remained intact, but the force jolted the body to the point where the door was no longer in alignment with the remains of the C5. After the 360-degree view of the wreckage it is hard to imagine anyone walking away from such a collision and without knowing much more about the crash, we can still say that this C5 driver is fortunate to be alive. Hopefully Project Y2K will never encounter anything more than a scraped air dam, unlike its twin brother.