Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Project or Parts Car?

Where does the line between parts car and project car lie? Obviously if the frame is all bent out of shape, your best bet is to salvage what you can and do away with the rest, but do massive body damage, missing parts or a tortured engine automatically determine a car’s realistic fate? That’s what our friends over at Barn Finds want to know. And when it comes to the rust bucket they found for sale on eBay, it looks like there is a pretty big debate.

This 1972 Stingray convertible has seen better days. While the idea of a “barn car” usually conjures up images of rare cars in pristine conditions only hindered by layers of dust, the sad reality is that many are not quite that way but more like this Corvette. Barn find, field find or just someone’s forgotten sports car, this classic C3 is beyond rough.

According to the eBay ad for the Corvette, the car is equipped with the base L48 350 V8 and manual transmission, although we think you’d be hard pressed if you wanted to drive the car at this point considering the severity of the rust under the hood.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Corvette follows suit with rusted door hardware, front end, floor boards and trim pieces. The fiberglass body pieces didn’t fair too well either with a large hole broken out of the driver’s side rear quarter.

Some interior pieces in the Corvette seem to be the only parts that survived the battle with mother nature and father time.

The seats, door panels, dash and what’s left of the center console are surprisingly in decent shape even without the convertible top still intact. But if this was someone’s project car at one point, they could have replaced the original interior with what you see now.

So is the car restorable?

Probably, but it would take a lot of money and a lot of time, more than most may want to put into it. But that didn’t stop the Valley Auto & Corvette Sales in Bedford, Pennsylvania from setting a fairly high reserve on the car. Although the ad has since lapsed, the car is still for sale and listed for $6,500 on the company’s website. No wonder the highest of 12 bids at $3,607 didn’t meet the reserve for the eBay auction.

What do you think? Is this Corvette a better project car or a better parts car?

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