On any given month, the greater Phoenix, Arizona area typically recieves an average of less than an inch of rainfall. In an entire year the city rarely exceeds a total of eight inches, making it one of the driest cities in the U.S. But when the rain does come, it can come hard and fast, as it did this past Sunday, delivering two inches of precipitation in just a few hours.

This led to flash flood warnings across the region, though not everyone got the memo, as Corvette Blogger points out. The owner of one particular C6 Corvette found himself caught up in a flash flood that washed his sports car at least a half-mile down stream. There is no other way to put it; that sucks.

The seventy-year old owner was seen near the Corvette, visibly upset, and the video footage only shows parts of the damage and how far down the now-dry streambed the Corvette was taken. Flash floods in Arizona are rare but devastating, overflowing roads and shallow creeks without warning.

The most-likely scenario is that the Corvette’s owner tried to drive through what he thought was shallow water, which we don’t have to remind you can be deceptively deep and powerful. The Corvette is neither a tall nor heavy car, and it wouldn’t take much water to wash it away. While we can’t see the extent of the damage from the video, more likely than not this is a total loss.

Gotta respect Mother Nature, kids!