Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Only the Good Die Young


This picture is probably in the dictionary next to “annihilated”

Let’s play a game. We’re going to see how few miles we can put on our brand new Stingray before we make it bite the dust.

What is obviously an unfortunate situation now has the opportunity to become the deal of a lifetime. After this innocent C7 was put through the wringer, it ultimately ended up for sale in the Detroit area via Insurance Auto Auctions. While the concept of wrecked C7s isn’t exactly new to us, we have yet to see one as ravaged as this one all while maintaining such low mileage – it has only 562 miles on the odometer, if you can believe it! Not only is the car missing a substantial portion of the body parts, but currently isn’t even in running condition.

The original posters at Jalopnik posed the question, “What would you do should you gain possession of a wrecked C7 like this one?” and the answers were pretty epic. One user suggested swapping out an old C4 for “maximum trolling.” We could only imagine the faces of the potential victims. Another user points at the most favorable solution being a custom C7-based baja type vehicle. We’re not going to lie, we would probably pay to see that one.

In its current state, we wouldn’t recommend attempting to rebuilt this former beast. This may, however be the most realistic chance one would have at owning C7 drivetrain components for a reasonable price. The potential swap candidates are limited only by the depth of the imagination. Heck, the potential buyer may even be able to pick up a few bucks on a part-out if they play their cards right.

So we’re wondering the same thing that Jalopnik is. What would you do should this diamond in the rough fall into your lap? Perhaps you’d make a GM powered boat like we’ve seen before, or maybe even a hovercraft of sorts. Bonus points will be given for creativity – let us know in the comments below!

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