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Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Ok, Who’s The U-Boat Commander?

Never trust the parking brake as the sole means of keeping a beautiful Corvette stationary in a driveway, especially when your driveway backs up to decent sized body of water. According to Myers Fire Photos the owner of the car set his parking brake while the car was running, but fate intervened and the car rolled into the channel then floated for a while before sinking. At this point, it is safe to assume the owner was not inside the car when this incident happened. Eventually, the car came to rest underneath ten feet of water and the owner was left to call in the assistance of the towing company.

Fox Towing accessed the situation and knew they would have to call in the help of the local fire departments. Fox Lake and Lake Villa Fire Departments were able to assist the towing company by sending out two of their divers to locate the vehicle in the murky waters of the channel that feeds into Fox Lake. Once the location of the Corvette was pinpointed, the diver marked it with a buoy; eventually the C5 emerged from the depths with help from a heavy-duty tow truck and a good winch. Amazingly, the golf clubs that were stored in the truck survived the incident without major damage. If there is a moral to this story, it would be that if your car has a manual transmission it would be advisable not to leave it running on a hill without checking to see if the emergency brake is fully engaged. Or maybe sticking a chunk of 2×4 under the tire, too…

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