Stay to the end of the credits at any movie, and you’ll see a disclaimer that says, “no animals were harmed in the making of this film” – left unsaid is the “except, of course, for the ones we ate…” part – because it’s important to reassure viewers that the production process didn’t involve any gratuitous cruelty to living creatures. No such disclaimer can be said for movies and commercials involving cars, however.

With the bottom of the market rapidly approaching for the fourth generation Corvettes, they are becoming fodder for automotive abuse, neglect or stunt driving. RagingArtists reported the adventures of the Bandito Brothers during a Mountain Dew commercial shoot in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. As part of the extreme nature of Mountain Dew’s advertising, this commercial required the use of car with good power and handling without being ridiculously expensive due to the level of damage it would sustain during filming. Mike McCoy of the Bandito Brothers (the guys in charge of driving stunts) piloted the Corvette around the bullring and the adjacent streets before Brent Fletcher sent it airborn into the center of the bullring.

Getting the Corvette to catch enough air to successfully barrel roll and eventually land right side up would entail the use of a pipe ramp. After the ‘Vette is punished through the streets and narrow alleys of Sin Miguel de Allende, it driven into the bullring through a fiery explosion, rolls and lands. Greg Tracy was responsible for the paint damage from the alleyway and who knows how many rock chips as he slid the C4 around corners. Amazingly, the car survived the stunts and abuse dished out by professional stunt drivers. Sure, it may have some paint damage, fiberglass damage, suspension issues, and who knows what else, but it survived.