Ask any 18-year-old about their typical Friday night and you are likely to hear something about spending time with friends along with a few beers. In the case of 18-year-old Deshawn Layton of Muskegon, Michigan, he decided to spend his Friday night evading police behind the wheel of classic Corvette. According to The Muskegon Chronicle Layton “allegedly” stole the vintage ‘Vette and was subsequently spotted by Casey Trucks, a Michigan State Police Officer. Trucks observed as Layton failed to use a turn indicator and attempted to stop the Corvette for what would be a minor traffic infraction. Once the lights and sirens roared to life, Layton pulled over briefly allowing the officers to exit their vehicle before slamming on the gas.

Layton drove through residential neighborhoods in an attempt to evade the pursuing officers. In a bid to drive in stealth-mode, Layton turned off the headlights while winding through the residential streets and the occasional alleyway. With the officers still following him, Layton grew desperate, attempting riskier maneuvers that eventually led him to lose control of the Corvette. Once Layton became the playtoy of the the laws of physics, he plowed through a yard and eventually ended up lodging the Corvette into the side of a house. With once pristine Corvette now mangled and immobilized, the officers were able to pull Layton from the vehicle and arrest the “alleged” ‘Vette snatcher on the spot. Besides the “alleged” theft, evasion attempt and destruction of the vintage ‘Vette, Layton also had a warrant for possession of a controlled substance.