How many times has alcohol been a factor in a Wrecked Vette Wednesday story? Even one instance is too many, but many drivers fail to realize the harm and risk associated with driving at high speeds while in a condition usually reserved for Hollywood starlets. Unfortunately, like Nicole Richie, Mark William Clary is being charged with a second DUI, but unlike that particular celebutard, Clary is facing a host of other charges after a crash that left two young men dead. According to, Clary was driving at high rate of speed when he rear-ended a Chevy Corsica and slammed into a Volkswagen. After the remains of the 2008 Corvette came to a rest on the freeway, the 24-year-old Clary attempted to flee the scene on the crime on foot.


In 2011, Clary was arrested for DUI while driving at a high rate of speed, running a red light and with reckless driving; the other charges were dropped after a plea agreement that also stipulated that Clary have an interlock device (a breathalyzer type instrument that prevents the driver from starting the car if intoxicated) installed on his vehicle.

Since the C6 Corvette was not involved in the previous DUI, it some how managed to avoid the interlock device installation. Clary was out driving under the influence in a C6 minus the interlock device with a history of reckless driving and alcohol issues. If Clary had been forced to install the interlock device on all vehicles that he had access to perhaps both Michael Meadows, 21, of Apache Junction and Arizona State University student, 22-year-old Giacomo Masolini would be alive today. Clearly high performance cars and drunks are not a great mix at best and at worst they are deadly combination.