Losing traction intentionally can be fun, but hydroplaning during a rainstorm is worthy of freaking out. At some point everyone has had their stomach drop as they feel their car losing contact with a paved surface now covered in water, and frankly it sucks. Unfortunately for a Corvette Forum member, he felt this sensation and was t-boned in the driver’s door. After looking at the horrific remains of the ’81 Corvette it is hard to imagine the force involved in this collision. Luckily the driver survived the accident, but he was seriously injured to the point where the vehicle had to be cut apart to rescue him.

After reading through the two threads, it seems miraculous that owner of this car survived to retell the story. Apparently after hydroplaning, the driver ended up facing the grill of another vehicle before getting t-boned. This collision resulted in the driver’s leg being broken in eight places, with one of the shards of bone planting itself into the center console, trapping the driver inside. Emergency personnel were forced to cut the Corvette to free the driver from his new ride. Despite owning the car for only five days, the Corvette gave its life for it new owner. After seeing pictures of the wreckage, it is safe to say the car is totaled, but after a couple surgeries and lots of physical therapy the Corvette owner will be back on the road. It will take time and hard work to recover from the accident, but we wish a speedy recovery to this member of the Corvette family.