We seem to see our fair share of Corvette crashes here at Corvette Online. After all, Wrecked Vette Wednesday wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the slew of Corvettes finding themselves tangled up on the country’s roadways. This time, however, our beloved Corvette didn’t quite make it out with minimal damage like some we’ve seen. As we found out from CorvetteBlogger, the Corvette in this week’s Wrecked Vette Wednesday feature is actually just about as good as dead.

The accident happened on February 10th in Nassau County of Long Island, New York. Early on Friday afternoon, a woman driving a bright red C5 Corvette managed to collide with an elderly man driving a four-door Cadillac sedan. The impact resulted in pieces of the Corvette being strewn across the road and the Cadillac coming to rest in someone’s yard after hitting a plant.

While the Corvette ended up nearly on the sidewalk, the driver-side door was completely separated from the car and found about 10 yards away in the street. The hood of the car also became completely separated from the vehicle in the crash, while the front windshield was shattered and the airbags were deployed.

Both drivers were taken to an area hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries. The Corvette, on the other hand, has seen better days. With the whole front end demolished, airbags deployed and the car tweaked so bad that a wheel, door and hood came off the car completely, we have a feeling this poor Corvette will be making its last trip to the area junk yard.

Another sad day in the Corvette community.