Reckless driving is the suspected cause in a Houston, Texas multi-car collision that left six people injured on Saturday night March 24, 2012. According to the C4 Corvette was traveling westbound in the center lane of the road where the driver either lost control of the vehicle or attempted to make a U-turn. Hariss County Sheriff’s Deputy Donna Garcia stated that it was possible that the driver of the C4 could have been traveling at high rate of speed when the Corvette made contact with the maroon Chevrolet Impala.

Once the C4 and the Impala made contact, the Corvette spun around and came to rest just as a white Ford Expedition collided with the Impala. At this point the NASCAR style pile-up continued as a Toyota Camry then struck both the Impala and Expedition; meanwhile two other drivers attempted to avoid the collision but ended up slamming into a guardrail in front of a local trailer business.

From the extent of the damage shown in the video it is possible to see the full extent of the carnage caused by the multi-vehicle pile up. Based on the video, the teal C4 Corvette sustained serious damage to the passenger side while the rear of the car is almost unrecognizable, but the driver was ejected from the car during the crash. The driver of the Corvette was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in critical condition along with the driver and two occupants of the Chevrolet Impala. According to the authorities, the passenger and driver of the Expedition sustained minor injuries and were taken to Houston Northwest Hospital. Fortunately no one was killed in the massive collision, but this incident should remind drivers to show more restraint with the right foot and pay more attention to surrounding traffic.