Wrecked Vette Wednesday: For $15,000, One Hot Corvette

Classic Corvettes are almost always a good investment, being worth many times over what they cost new. Even today, the right year Corvette with the right engine will almost assuredly gain value as the economy recovers. Even a hunk-o-junk Corvette can still command a price premium compared to other crappy cars… though there are still those who overestimate the value of a scrap pile.

We’re not sure what happened to this too-hot-to-handle ‘64 Corvette we found on the Hemmings Classified listings. We can tell you that for $14,995, this Corvette isn’t part of any fire sale.

What almost surely started as an engine fire must have quickly spread to the rest of the car, charring everything from the doors forward. Ever wanted to see what a melted valve cover looks like? How about scorched fiberglass? It’s all here on what must once have been a pristine example of a 1964 Corvette, and those aren’t cheap.

The next-cheapest ‘64 Corvette on Hemmings is a red 327 droptop, priced at just under $35,000. The seller of the toasty blue Corvette claims the frame and undercarriage are good, and there are only so many 1964 Corvettes out there. Still, we can’t help but think the asking price is a bit too hot… we mean high.

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