Airbrush paint, a supercharger, nitrous and a flat-bottom boat pulled by a Corvette? This is not a Photoshop creation; this distinctive Corvette was on display at the Super Chevy Show at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Car shows attract wide variety of beautiful classics, modern muscle and some unique cars, but this particular Vette attracted quite a crowd. According to the fender badging this C5 cranks out 625 horsepower thanks to the addition of a supercharger and nitrous. It seems like the horsepower numbers should be higher than 625 with two power adders; perhaps the nitrous system is only for show?

The owner seems to love advertising the modifications; the front fenders and rear of the car are adorned with badging, reminding other motorists and passers-by that this is in fact a supercharged Corvette. One of the many unique touches on the Vette is the wheelie bar set up that clears the trailer hitch for the equally ostentatious flat bottom boat. This boat features a mountainous engine complete with airbrushed skulls and flames. There is nothing subtle about the volume of airbrush work applied to all of the flat surfaces and even the blower belt on the boat engine.

However, the Corvette was not immune to the airbrush madness – flames were added to the front end of the car along with the addition of topless woman. Luckily the flames covered certain parts of the female anatomy making it safe for a family event such as a car show. This masterpiece was topped off with a large spoiler; after all pulling a boat and pulling the front wheels requires an unbelievable amount of downforce.  Despite the substantial amount of money spent to create this epic Corvette, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Did we mention it’s supercharged?