Some crashes are unavoidable, the product of circumstances that can’t be predicted or prevented. Others, in retrospect, seem like the inevitable result of a string of near-misses. Unfortunately the driver and passenger of a rented C6 Corvette fell victim to what likely to be a case of excessive speed, road conditions and reckless driving. According to the Portland Press Herald, Taylor Griffin was driving the late model Corvette and crashed along a curve on Highway 20 in Northern California. Griffin was ejected from the vehicle, but his passenger Carrie Davenport remained inside thanks to wearing a seatbelt, which was likely to have saved her life. Griffin, the president of The Rogers Collection, a specialty food importer, died immediately and was not wearing a seatbelt.

Per the Portland Press Herald, the crash occurred late Sunday when Griffin lost control of the car while driving on the left of the road when the C6 collided with a tree in the wine country of Northern California. Davenport, the director of operations for The Rogers Collection, was finally able to free herself from the wreckage and use a cellphone to call for help late the next morning. California Highway Patrol used the cellphone signal to locate the crash site and direct emergency personnel to the location. Davenport, despite being disoriented and sustaining severe injuries from the crash, was still conscious when she was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

While the exact cause of the crash will take time to determine, it would appear that the driver had a history of vehicular indiscretion stretching back several years. The Portland Press Herald stated “Griffin had six speeding convictions in Maine since 2004, and had four license suspensions as a result.” Tragically, it seems that the odds may have finally caught up with Mr. Griffin, at the expense of his co-worker as well.