It’s every Corvette owner’s nightmare – you’re sitting in a restaurant, enjoying breakfast, when somebody comes running in the front door yelling, “Call 911! There’s a red Corvette on fire!’ That’s exactly what happened to Corvette Forum user Mark C., known as “pologreenenvy” on the board. The Fort Smith, Arkansas resident was enjoying a day out when an electrical fault set his 1988 Corvette ablaze.

From the photos Mark shot, it’s clear that the fire department was quick getting to the scene, but even so, the car suffered extensive damage. Mark believes that the blaze was compounded when the melting wiring caused the fuel pump to turn on, adding literal fuel to the fire.

Nothing sucks quite like watching a fireman take a pry bar to your smoldering Corvette...

Mark isn’t sure whether the car is worth saving, but even if it’s a total loss, things could have been much worse, and he was lucky it happened when and where it did. Imagine the same fire starting while you’re behind the wheel, or with the car parked in the garage in the middle of the night, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Our best wishes go out to Mark – we feel for you, bro… It’s gotta be tough to stand there watching your car burn and not be able to do anything but take pictures.