Wrecked Vette Wednesday: “Eldorette” Combines Eldorado and C3

Why, oh why?!?! Photo: Corvette Blogger

The funny thing about the aesthetics of a car is that they are totally subjective. What one person finds stunningly beautiful and unique, another might find to be a hideous abomination. That having been said, we’ll just leave the judgments of the “Eldorette” up to you, although we firmly know which side we are on.

The guys over at Corvette Blogger found this Frankenstein on wheels on Corvette Forum. The car is mostly a C3 that has been stitched together with parts from a Cadillac Eldorado and components from several other GM models. The owner claims that over $200,000 was spent turning this car into what you see today.


Check out more pics of the Eldorette in Corvette Blogger’s original story.

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