Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Dude, At Least Wipe Off The Fingerprints…

The Ferrari Testarossa makes an easy target for styling knockoffs – the iconic supercar had certain design elements, primarily the view from behind and the slatted door grillework (supposedly to conform to Italian department of transportation requirements regarding how air intakes must be shielded) that are simple to mimic in theory, but much harder to get right in practice. Usually, what you end up with is something that might resemble a redhead (the literal translation of “Testarossa”) from a distance, but shows brunette roots pretty clearly when you focus your full attention.

Looks a little like a carousel horse if you ask us...

That’s sort of what we have here – a “Well done conversion” of a C4 Corvette into what might pass, from a distance, for something resembling an Italian exotic. Of course, in the video we don’t get to see it from a distance – instead we are treated to a narrated walk-around that mostly serves to highlight the fact that if you are trying to sell a car on YouTube, it would benefit you to spend at least a few minutes with a bottle of spray detailer and a roll of paper towels to get all the hand prints off.

Somewhere there is a 300ZX missing its headlights.

There are a few up sides to this car, though – the interior seems to be in decent shape, and it has been fitted with a Paxton Novi blower, so it should be able to at least keep pace with other C4’s of the same vintage despite the additional weight of fiberglass it’s hauling around, but then again, you never know how hard it’s been leaned on in the past, so keep that compression tester handy should you give “Steve” a call. Trades for a Harley are welcome…

Big blower, little, filthy air cleaner. Nothing a good wash wouldn't fix though...


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