Ouch! No amount of buffing is going to bring back that crunched fiber glass... Photo: Tropical Chevrolet

Sadly, the good folks at Tropical Chevrolet, in Miami, Florida seem to have a bit of a “Corvette Curse” that’s following them around, because for the second time in less than 5 years they’ve had brand new cars at their dealership destroyed by out of control drivers. The first incident involved an out of control Corvette that lost control while trying to evade the police, ran off the road, and slammed into several new SUV’s parked at the front of the dealership. And this time, it was Tropical’s Corvettes themselves that took the brunt of an out of control driver.

According to the story first reported by Corvette Blogger, around 3:00 AM on December 14th, a drunk driver veered off the road and used this line of brand new Corvette Grand Sports as a way to bring his out of control car to a stop. As seems to usually be the case with these types of things, the driver was not injured. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for these poor new C6’s that never even had a chance to hit the streets.

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