It’s a bird, it’s a plane; no, it was just a couple of knuckleheads who lost control of a C5 Corvette in Pennsylvania. How the C5 became entangled in a grove of trees involved excessive speed and testosterone, but alas there were injuries involved. According to the Sun-Gazette the adult male behind the wheel of the Corvette and his passenger were both taken to area hospitals for treatment; unfortunately the male passenger sustained more serious injuries requiring the use of the Geisinger Medical Center’s Life Flight helicopter.

Both the driver and passenger’s identity have yet to be released to the public, but the public scrutiny of the driver’s poor choices is likely to make him a target. It is hard to imagine the fallout brought about from injuring a friend or passenger thanks to poor impulse control combined with a teenage mentality.

Police speculated that high speed led to the loss of control and based on the circumstances it seems to be the likely cause. If the driver had not been pushing the limits of the C5 it would be unlikely that the car would have sailed nearly 100 feet off the on-ramp of Interstate 80. It took firefighters approximately thirty minutes to extract the passenger who was trapped inside the C5 carcass.

Based on the remains of the car and just speculating the damage caused by the Jaws of Life, it safe to say that this Corvette is a total loss. It would be hard to imagine what part of the car could have remained intact, but perhaps a few parts can be transplanted into other vehicles. Despite the driver’s best attempts to make himself roadkill, the engineering and safety of the Corvette likely saved the lives of both men.