There are some choices in life that almost always have negative consequences; running from the police happens to be one these experiences. According to KMBC in Kansas City, Missouri, the driver of a Corvette decided to tempt fate by attempting to evade police. While driving at a reported high rate of speed the driver lost control of the vehicle, veered off the road into the dirt and went airborne. After colliding with a tree the ‘Vette careened through the air then and came to rest on the front porch of John Perne’s home. Perne described hearing a loud boom around 2:30 in morning; Perne and his wife got out of bed to investigate the commotion.

Once the Perne’s made their way downstairs they were greeted to broken glass, dirt and a barely recognizable Corvette carcass parked on their front porch. As the couple stared at the newest addition to their home, local law enforcement pulled up behind the now-grounded Corvette. Amazingly the driver and passenger did not face life-threatening bodily harm, but they were transported to a hospital for treatment of what authorities called serious injuries. Despite the cruel and senseless destruction of a once beautiful Corvette there is a lesson to be learned – do not run from the police because you will eventually go to jail (not to mention that it will be pretty hard to defend yourself with multiple casts from your new friend/cellmate).

Thanks to our bestie Keith over at for the video!