Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C6 Z06 Versus Chain Link Fence

Sure, it sounded like a good idea at the time – borrow that sweet, 505-horsepower Corvette Z06, throw a few donuts in front of the camera, and boom! We have a commercial! Unfortunately in this case, unless the commercial was for an auto body chain, the end result wasn’t quite what they had planned.

Things start off well enough with a nice tire-shredding take off; the smoke comes from the tires, instead of the clutch, so there’s one potential “fail” avoided. A little bit of sliding later, though, and the car is off the asphalt, shooting up a big rooster tail of dirt. Not good…

The Z06 blasts back onto the pavement, and things get out of hand. Before you can say “thousand dollar deductible,” the C6 is going nose-first into a chain-link fence at the edge of the asphalt. While the impact could have been much worse, upon backing out of the weeds it’s apparent that the entire nose of the car is ready to fall off.

To add insult to injury, when the driver gets out to inspect the damage, he hops along on one foot. By the way the other two guys fail to react to his limp, either the bad foot preceded the crash (and might have contributed to the loss of control,) or they both subscribe to the same theory my mother did whenever I fell off my bike as a kid: “Never mind your leg – did you tear your pants?” After all, the driver’s injuries will heal, but the car will not…

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Paul Huizenga

After some close calls on the street in his late teens and early twenties, Paul Huizenga discovered organized drag racing and never looked back, becoming a SFI-Certified tech inspector and avid bracket racer. Formerly the editor of OverRev and Race Pages magazines, Huizenga set out on his own in 2009 to become a freelance writer and editor.
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