The “Bro” or “flat biller” epidemic has plagued Southern California’s Inland Empire for the past decade or so, and like any trendy disease it has spread to pandemic proportions. For those unaware of the of this blight it involves lifted trucks, tattoos, excessive beer consumption and a certain level of reckless behavior that results in property damage. Unfortunately, a C6 Corvette fell victim to what can only be called a “Brodozer.” This poor C6 convertible was cruising the streets of Hermosa Beach, California when it collided with the aforementioned Brodozer, aka a Ford Superduty truck complete with lift kit, off-road tires and adjustable tow ball.

According to the Hermosa Beach Patch, the unfortunate accident ripped off the driver’s side front wheel and caused extensive damage to front end of the Corvette. However, the 4×4 Brodozer suffered a flattened front tire and possibly some suspension damage. When the large truck struck the C6, the driver of the Corvette became trapped inside his vehicle and required assistance from emergency personnel. Luckily, the Corvette driver was not seriously injured and was able to move his arms and legs after being extracted from the car. To be safe the C6 driver was transported to a local hospital to be evaluated, while the Bro reported no injuries. Although, no cause or citations were reported by the Hermosa Beach Patch and is safe to say that the collision of a Superduty and Corvette will never turn out well.