The past month has been rough for dark red C6 convertible Corvettes: one fell victim to a “Brodozer” while this poor C6 was launched into a house. covered the tragic collision between the C6 convertible and a large stationary object otherwise known as someone’s abode. It is hard to imagine what led up to the crash, but perhaps the driver was under the influence of illegal hallucinogenic substances, had mental break down, and was being chased by invisible homicidal clowns from outer space. By the time police arrived on the home in Dekalb County, Georgia the driver of the C6 had already fled on foot, leaving the remains of the Corvette lodged into a spare bedroom. The driver fled leaving what remained of the lights on and the radio blasting according to the homeowner.

Marcia Hunter and her husband were home when the ‘Vette plowed through their fence and into their office/exercise room. Fortuitously, the homeowners were in another room at the time of impact; the loud boom and subsequent blow shook the home, startling the couple. As the Hunters investigated the source of the noise they were shocked to discover the remains of the dark red C6 protruding from the side of their house. According to the police both the alleged driver and passenger fled following the crash. Marcia Hunter is thankful that no one was hurt, but the speeding C6 caused a considerable amount of damage to the couple’s home.