Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C6 Versus Pickup in Hit and Run

100MEDIA36IMAG1417_1_zps5ebdfbd3There is a special level of hell reserved for the truly despicable, like people who talk at the theater, and of course hit-and-run drivers. Today, we bring you the story of Corvette Forum user Marshal, better known as “Crowhater,” who had a close encounter with a coward behind the wheel of a pickup that left his 2008 C6 Corvette battered before fleeing the scene; fortunately it wasn’t Marshal’s day to move on from this earth. In the thread aptly titled “Lucky to be alive,” he lays out the narrative:

“Yesterday on the way home I was side swiped by a black, 4 door, 4×4, dual wheel, GMC/Chevy. The truck looked new and it had a motorcycle in the bed. This truck came around a curve skidding into my lane striking me in the driver’s door. The impact was insane, when I came to, people were trying to free me from the car. The other driver never stopped. The fire and police told me if it was not for the roll cage I would be dead.”

Marshal had just completed a long list of mods to the Vette, including a 427-inch LS3 with tweaked LSA heads and a FAST 102mm intake, plus a high-stall converter and built transmission. Oh, and of course that roll cage, which kept the truck from further intruding into the passenger compartment and let the factory safety equipment do its job.


“…the side airbag probably saved me from breaking my neck. The front bag did not deploy because he hit me in the driver’s door. My face and neck don’t feel good from the airbag impact. My whole left side feels like I fell off a building and landed on it.”

While the damage to the Corvette may make it a writeoff, Marshal will probably make a full recovery. If you’re in the Montgomery, Texas area and happen to see a crew cab dually that looks like it’s been in a recent crash, contact your local law enforcement authorities and help get the jackhole who did this off the road.





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