Getting a smoking deal on a Corvette is almost every car enthusiasts dream come true, but when one goes to auction it is always buyer beware. Used car dealers and private party sales can be a great option to save a couple bucks, but going to an insurance auction is a completely different experience. Insurance Auto Auctions displays detailed descriptions of the damage done to the vehicle, but in the case of this silver C5 there is not much left to purchase. This vehicle (if you can even call it that) fell prey to car thieves, but it was eventually recovered.

Based on what was recovered, we’re left wondering what the backstory behind this theft was.  Shockingly the driver and passenger side air bags remained in place; air bags normally command a premium price after a car is stolen and chopped. It is doubtful that this Corvette carcass will fetch much of price at the auction even considering the rear section seems to be fairly solid, but it might be cheaper to purchase taillights and sidelights from the dealer. It could make for an interesting modern piece, yard art or garage art. If all else fails, perhaps someone could build a sweet racecar bed out of the remaining parts.