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Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C5 Lodged Underneath A Tractor-Trailer

Most drivers have enough common sense to avoid being in the blind spot of tractor-trailer, but then there are those who don’t or simply lack patience. One C5 driver decided that he was in too big of a rush to wait for a big rig to complete a right hand turn. According to KATU 2, a local news station for the Portland Oregon area, the Corvette driver attempted to go around the big rig as it was swinging wide to make a right turn.

Unfortunately, the Corvette driver either had no common sense or was not paying attention to the surrounding traffic as he executed what would prove to be a genius maneuver. Fans of local news may want to turn the sound down on the following video to avoid having their illusions about accurate journalism shattered, as the anchor misidentifies the Corvette twice as a “convertible” while the video clearly shows the roof of the car…

What makes this Corvette driver’s decision to get around the ginormous truck even poorer is the fact that he had an 18-month-old child in the car with him. Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending; despite the Corvette being dragged over 50 feet, the driver and the child were not injured in the accident. Unfortunately the convertible Corvette was lodged underneath the trailer and appears to be a total loss. Let this be a lesson to drivers – be aware of traffic and don’t do something stupid with a child in the car (at least allow them the chance to grow up and make poor decisions of their own!)

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