Cars, trucks and motorcycles need to learn to share the road, including winding two-lane stretches that are favorites among performance enthusiasts. ABC15 in Arizona covered the collision that left two motorcyclists dead and a C5 Corvette seriously damaged. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety the crash occurred 163 miles outside of Superior, Arizona on State Route 177. Carrick Cook of the DPS stated the one of the motorcyclists drove to the left of the center lane which caused the Corvette driver to swerve; unfortunately the Corvette driver lost control of the car when the driver over corrected after colliding with the guardrail. Unfortunately that led to the Corvette colliding with two motorcyclists, killing them both.

Eventually the black C5 stopped when it nosed into a ditch adjacent to the mountain while the three bikes were all downed. Emergency personnel confirmed that two to the motorcyclists were dead at scene; according to authorities Dennis McDonald, 66, of Airdrie, Alberta, Canada and Kathy Benson, 52 of Jamestown, North Dakota were the victims. State Route 177 was closed for several hours as investigators examined the crash site and the wreckage of the motorcycles and the black C5 Corvette was removed from the road. Unfortunately this wreck will have to serve as a reminder to both motorcyclists and performance car enthusiasts to be courteous on twisty mountain roads because it better to share the road than to end up in hospital or worse.