Selling a car is never an easy task, but imagine the horror of having a deposit from a serious buyer, and then the car burns up. A LS1Tech forum member was selling a twin turbo 2003 Corvette and had already received money to hold the car, but before he could close the deal he drove it work where it caught fire in the parking lot.  This ‘Vette featured Precision billet 6765 turbos (front mounted) that force fed the 408 engine while still remaining enough civility to serve as a daily driver for its owner. According to the owner’s signature on LS1Tech, the owner was aiming for 8.90’s in the quarter mile while remaining a “street” car.

With the goal of running 8.90, the owner put some serious money into the C5 by adding 300M hardened half shafts from the Driveshaft Shop and mini tubs in the back big enough to fit 345/35-18’s. Creating enough power to run in the upper 8’s takes a lot of money, but all of the supporting parts add up as well; with this in mind the $25,000 asking price does not seem that outrageous. Regardless of the countless hours and money spent on mods, it is hard to sell something like that let alone watch it burn to a crisp. Luckily the car was still insured and the forum member returned the buyer’s deposit, but still it is a sad day for C5 lovers.