Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C4 Versus Bike Shop

When it comes to traffic laws, right-of-way, and sharing the road, there always seems to be a rift between drivers and bicyclists. But after an accident that sent one Florida Corvette crashing through the wall of a beachside bike shop, Florida residents are seeing drivers and bicyclists come together, thankful that no one was seriously hurt. Check out the aftermath of the crash in the video above, compliments of Florida Today.

On Wednesday, September 19th, nothing was amiss in the Indian Harbour Beach-based Bob’s Bicycle Shop. That was until right before 1:30 PM when employees and customers in the business heard a loud bang and witnessed a teal 1991 Corvette driven by 52-year-old Robert Bader come crashing through the western wall of the store.

As the store manager Steve Babd told Florida Today, the car was still running when it entered the building. When Babd approached the vehicle,  Bader appeared to be having a seizure behind the wheel. Bader was transported in stable condition from the scene of the crash to Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center once EMT’s arrived. Luckily, no one in Bob’s Bicycle Shop was hurt even though there were six individuals inside.  

Among those that witnessed the crash from inside the building was customer Bill Hoffman. His truck was parked on the western side of the building and was hit by the Corvette before it drove through the wall into the store. There are no estimates on how much the repair costs will be, but Babd told Florida Today that they will reopen the store as soon as possible. We’re just glad property damage is the extent of the loss in this case.

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