Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C4 Jack Stand Edition

Any crash involving a Corvette is unfortunate, but in a crash that occurred on Colorado’s Interstate-25 on Monday, it seems that one C4 Corvette was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time, according to information obtained from Denver’s Fox 31 and Channel 9 news stations. That’s because it became ensnarled in a four-car pileup that shut down two lanes of traffic on the busy thoroughfare for over two hours Monday evening – one that resulted in a four-door sedan coming to rest on the Corvette’s hood. Fortunately for everyone involved, serious injuries were not reported but this incident does beg the question; When did Corvettes become makeshift car jacks?

The accident involving four vehicles occurred on Monday January 7th around 3:45 p.m. in the North-bound lanes of I-25 in Englewood near the Belleview Avenue interchange. Little detail has been released on the exact cause of the crash, but the ruins of the vehicles involved suggest a fairly serious incident.

In addition to the Corvette entangled in the undercarriage of another vehicle, a Jeep was rolled over and an SUV sustained front end damage when it hit a concrete barrier as a result of the accident. According to a Denver police statement to Fox 31 Denver News, all injuries were minor but photos taken from the SkyFOX helicopter reveal serious damage to all the vehicles involved.

Pictures posted by Channel 9 News shows a tangle of vehicles blocking two lanes of traffic on the busy interstate, and with the seriousness of the damage, it is amazing that no one was seriously injured. During the cleanup of the accident, the four-door family car was strapped to the front end of the C4 Corvette to prevent risk of further injuries from the vehicle falling off the sports car. Fortunately, the Corvette looks to be of the lesser damaged vehicles.

Crashes happen every day on busy roads across the United States. The folks involved in this crash were rather lucky with the outcome, besides damage done to their vehicles. This just goes to show that no matter where you’re driving, it’s important to always pay attention to what’s going on with the traffic around you.

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